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Resources for Mental Health & Behavioral Support


The following resources are for families who are in need of support for mental health or behavioral concerns at home or in school. 



Sometimes, the first step can be a simple phone call or appointment with the child’s pediatrician.  They are often knowledgeable about who the family/child can be referred to for mental health or behavioral services.


Resources for Evaluation

If a family is interested in a behavioral evaluation for their child (over the age of 3), the school district that they reside in can provide an evaluation even for a child not currently enrolled in their school.  This information can be found on the district’s website. 


Children under the age of 3 can utilize Early Intervention Services through the county. Information about Rensselaer County Early Intervention Services can be found here:

Unified Services for Children and Adolescents

Comprised of multidisciplinary teams, Unified Services for Children and Adolescents provides comprehensive mental health care for children and their families. The Clinic Staff provides comprehensive assessment, diagnostic evaluation, individualized treatment planning, medication monitoring, psychological evaluation, and individual, family, and group therapy. Staffing includes a Child Psychiatrist, General Psychiatry Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Certified Social Workers, Msental Health Counselors, and a Registered Nurse. Satellite clinics are located at: School 2 – Troy; Hoosick Falls School; Rensselaer City School; Head Start, Lansingburgh; Troy Middle School; and Capital Care Pediatrics, Troy

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